Vultures are no longer scavengers but predators, say breeders

Animal breeders in Aveyron denounce the attacks of birds of prey attacking their animals. A rally was organized this Saturday in front of the departmental direction of the territories (DDT) in Rodez in order to alert on the phenomenon, reports Aveyron Press Center.

The participants laid on the ground the corpses of three calves which, they claim, were killed by vultures in Vezins-de-Lévezou (Aveyron). A breeder had reported a raptor attack in the same town last year. Protesters said they found that the birds had become predators killing healthy animals, and no longer dying beasts.

They received the support of the Departmental Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FDSEZA) and the President of the Department Arnaud Viala. The latter appealed to the Minister of Agriculture in a letter this Sunday. In particular, he castigated the slowness of the speakers after the attacks and the management of the number of vultures in Aveyron.

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