“We are swimming in the middle of a blur! “, regrets the manager of the Reserve

By Stephane Durand

Thomas Brossard has planned to submit an application for the renewal of the night bar and restaurant concession but admits to being worried because of the situation

Not really engaging. The two appeals for the moment gracious filed against the renewal of the beach concessions in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne by the two opposition groups to the City Council (Émergence and Nouveau Cap) and the association of Friends of Saint-Georges cast a chill over potential candidates. Remember that the Cazuela, Acapulco and Reserve establishments are concerned. A new lot is also part of the tender.

” I am lost “

On the Reserve side, manager Thomas Brossard has called on three architectural firms to come up with a project for a night bar and restaurant that can be dismantled in winter. The first sketches also have allure. Except that the interested party asks questions. “Investing at least 700,000 euros to be told in one or two years, if there are appeals to the administrative court, that in the end the call for tenders was not in the nails is quite anxiety-provoking. I am lost,” he admits.

The candidates find themselves faced with a hell of a dilemma. Especially since the deadline of September 15 to respond to the call for tenders is approaching. Where we understand that they need to be reassured by the municipality.

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