“We want to make our land an Eden”: this wood of the Oise forbidden to hunting is a paradise for animals

The box is placed on the ground. The little goat is suffocating. Christophe Rousseau, head of the Picardy wildlife association hydrates it. On its cover, the animal seems unwilling to leave its rescuers. Recovering from her emotions, the female deer then leaps up in a flash and disappears at the edge of a wood.

The association, which helps wild animals, was created in September 2021 and is not idle. She has saved more than 400 animals and still has 70 residents to “fix” in her care center in Boissy-Fresnoy.

“The chevrette was brought to us by a student who lives in Lille, in the North. She was discovered by her mother on a road. A car had just hit her. They were two, only she survived. She was in a bad state, couldn’t stand up, she could hardly see anything since her head hit the car. We took him to the vet for x-rays. And she got better,” says, relieved, Salomé Caillet, a real “Swiss army knife” of the association.

Amandine, a resident of a forest village, joined the team two months ago and has already carried out two animal deliveries, injured birds. It was she who directed the association towards this place where the animal can now live happy days: a private wood of 14 ha returned to its natural state.

The animal, released in the woods, took long strides away.
The animal, released in the woods, took long strides away. LP/Stephanie Forestier

“It is a will of the owners. They want to make it a wildlife sanctuary. They started by acquiring 8 ha, then they bought back little by little, ”says the animal protector. In 2018, Mohamad and Wade, a Jordanian and Australian couple, bought a beautiful property near Pierrefonds, bordered by a brook.

“We had a wood with it and we would like to enlarge this little corner of paradise, confides Mohamad. The forest of Compiègne is magnificent, but there is too much hunting. We want to make our land an Eden, a refuge area for animals. The wood is also classified as a natural area of ​​ecological, faunal and floristic interest (ZNIEFF). Here, no human activity. The animals are at home, they reproduce there, have food and shelter and can reach the neighboring massifs via bio corridors.

“I am against hunting and do not want it in my home”

“Two or three years ago, hounds entered their property and there was some friction, especially with followers,” says Amandine. Today, Mohamad proclaims it loud and clear: “I am against hunting and don’t want it in my house. All living beings have the right to life. »

The doe was very weak when it arrived at the care center.  She could hardly see and could no longer stand on her feet.
The doe was very weak when it arrived at the care center. She could hardly see and could no longer stand on her feet. LP/Stephanie Forestier

Like this kid who found freedom under the tender gaze of Mohamad and a few privileged people. But for this little miracle to be renewed, Picardie sauvage faune needs help.

“We are called from 5:30 a.m. to 2 a.m., from all departments: Seine-et-Marne, Nord, Pas de Calais, Somme, sometimes even from the south of France…, list Christophe Rousseau. In this case, we give advice. We are not firefighters, we can’t move on the moment, it’s not our main activity, even if it has become our reason for living. We still need conveyors, donations to care for and feed the animals. There are too few structures like ours and we operate without subsidies. Even if for us, saving an animal is priceless…”

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