“We were inspired by his love”

Those who have had pets know that these animals will always have a place in their hearts, even if they are no longer alive. And while people may have many pets over the years, each one has left its mark. the people who loved him.

It’s not always something that can be taken seriously, but a family in Chile wanted to use these memories to make a unique gift for their father.

© TikTok @catybernll

It was Caty Bernal Llanos, who according to The Dodo, had the idea with his brothers and sisters to make him a T-shirt printed with all the pets that his father had in his life and that he loved so much .

The children gave their father a t-shirt with all the animals in his life

The young woman said that at first they did not know what to give their father for his birthday, then they came up with the idea, because they knew that their father, Renato Bernal, had been an animal fan and lover since as long as they can remember.

© TikTok @catybernll

“For him, they are part of the family. He loves them.” adds Caty. This is how the project was born to make him a T-shirt with all the pets Renato had in his life, those he saved from abandonment and neglect.

It was Caty herself who recorded the moment when Renato received his gift. When he understood that it was about each of the animals with which he had shared his life, he could not hold back his tears of emotion.

“At that time, I cried a lot. It was a very nice moment to see how my dad was so happy and excited with his t-shirt. My whole family was crying with happiness,” said the girl.

Even more symbolic, Renato will now be able to spend an entire life with the mascots he received at home and which are present on his T-shirt. “We thought we were giving him something special that he would like. We were inspired by his great love and heart for all animals,” she said.

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