what does it have to do with Elon Musk?

The world of chess has been shaken in all directions for the past few days by a singular scandal. Earlier this month, reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen was beaten by 19-year-old ‘novice’ Hans Niemann in the Sinquefield Cup. A rereading of the fight between David and Goliath which unleashed passions. The defeat of the international grandmaster surprised more than one. For some, the 19-year-old outsider would have cheated… In a surprising way.

When Elon Musk takes part in a chess affair

After winning 53 consecutive games, chess fans are surprised to see the excellent Magnus Carlsen lose to the young Hans Niemann. So astonished that they cannot conceive of this defeat. Especially since the reigning world champion withdrew from the tournament altogether, which is quite rare for such a size, and implied on Twitter that his opponent would have cheated. “I don’t prefer to talk. If I talk, I’m going to be in big trouble” did he declare.

It was enough to ignite the canvas. But how could the 19-year-old cheat? According to wild rumors, Hans Niemann used a remote-controlled sex toy. This tool would have allowed him to “communicate” with an accomplice. According to rumors, the latter following the match live and would have indicated the best moves to play thanks to an artificial intelligence. Yes, you read that right. A preposterous theory that Elon Musk feeds on his favorite social network. Yes, he is never far away when it comes to trolling on the platform.

These outlandish allegations come from the fact that it is almost unthinkable that Hans Niemann had the level to beat Magnus Carlsen. Facing the international grandmaster, his opponent crowned 6th best junior player this month by FIDE (International Chess Federation) is no match for it. Moreover, the American player has already confessed to having cheated during online games when he was younger. Something to raise questions and set fire to the powder.

An anal plug or any other connected object hidden in such intimate corners could explain how the young man could have won while cheating, without being detected. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to cheat in a physical tournament. To achieve this, the object of the crime has an interest in being well concealed.

The case is gaining momentum with the involvement of Elon Musk, who had fun quoting a tweet about it. The businessman joked that he quoted Schopenhauer before deleting his tweet. But with more than 105 million subscribers, his joke did not go unnoticed.

Faced with these preposterous accusations, Hans Niemann flatly offered to play naked, with no pun intended. History to prove that he did not cheat with any device in his privacy. But in reality, these rumors are mainly there to amuse the gallery. There is no reason to believe them. However, an official investigation seems to be underway to shed light on this strange story and future parts of Niemann will be watched very closely. Checkmate.

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