What if Elon Musk stopped giving his opinion on everything? Taiwan would appreciate

Many geopolitical, ideological or even political differences oppose Taiwan and the PRC, and if Musk cannot ignore them, putting his two cents in order to favor Tesla’s interests seems more than inappropriate. It must be said that the Shanghai Gigafactory produced half of new Tesla vehicles in 2021. A conflict between the PRC and Taiwan would thus jeopardize Tesla’s productivity.

Nevertheless, and not surprisingly, many hostile reactions have come from Taiwan and other corners of the globe. A rare reaction (logically) welcoming Musk’s remarks, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, added that “ peaceful reunification and [l’application d’une politique, ndlr] “one country, two systems” are our basic principles to resolve the Taiwan issue…and the best approach to achieve national reunification “.

For her part, the ambassador de facto from Taiwan in the United States notably replied, on Musk’s favorite social network, Twitter, that “ Taiwan sells many products, but our freedom and our democracy are not for sale “. And you, do you think that Elon Musk should stop taking public positions on geopolitical issues?

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