What should you eat to protect your thyroid?

Food has an influence on the proper functioning of the thyroid, which needs certain nutrients to function well. The power supply therefore impacts its operation. The thyroid is a small gland that produces hormones. These hormones control metabolism and play a role in many body functions, such as heart rate, hunger, body temperature, fertility and digestion. If it is not in balance, problems may appear.

If the thyroid produces too many hormones, we tend to go into overdrive. You may feel nervous, have palpitations or trouble sleeping. If it doesn’t produce enough, you feel flat and depressed. We tend to be constipated and gain weight.

If the thyroid tends to be sluggish, it can be stimulated with certain foods. Although, let’s be clear, this does not replace medical treatment if necessary. To work properly, the thyroid primarily needs iodine. It is used to make thyroid hormones.

If it lacks it, it will hypertrophy to try to compensate for things. Iodine is found in seafood: Piscesthem shellfishthem seashellsthem algaebut also in the Egg yolk and the dairy products. Salt enriched with iodine can be used in cooking. Please note that sea salt and fleur de sel do not contain any!

The body does not store iodine, so a daily intake is necessary. Concretely, we eat seafood and eggs 2 or 3 times a week, and we consume 2 dairy products a day.

You can also incorporate seaweed flakes in certain recipes, omelettes, cakes, savory pies. Otherwise, the thyroid also needs other nutrients, such as selenium, which is found in fish, organ meats and Brazil nuts.

In hyperthyroidism, the necessary proteins

Some foods are known to promote goiters. This is when the thyroid increases in size. They slow down its functioning by preventing it from absorbing iodine. These include all species of cabbageof the turnipsof the radish.

However, it is not recommended to deprive yourself of them, even for patients who have a goitre, because these foods are good for health in general. Just make sure not to overuse it.

In case of hyperthyroidism, it is essential to consult to rebalance things with treatment. In the meantime, diet can lessen the symptoms. We therefore have an interest in having adequate protein intake because hyperthyroidism can lead to loss of muscle mass. At each meal, there is therefore a portion of 100 grams of meat, fish or two eggs and a dairy product.

The nut, Hazelnut Where almonds, rich in magnesium can help regulate stress. And it is in our interest to slow down on coffee, tea and energy drinks that increase the state of nervousness.

Food, packaging, cosmetics: watch out for endocrine disruptors

Some substances disrupt the functioning of the thyroid. We are talking about endocrine disruptors. These are chemical substances, such as pesticides, phthalates, bisphenols, perfluorinated compounds… They can interfere with thyroid hormones and disrupt the thyroid.

It is found everywhere, in food, packaging, cosmetics, furniture. But you can reduce your exposure by favoring organic products, avoiding plastic containers and non-stick pans, choosing small fish over large ones and ventilating your home well.

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