What to eat to avoid aches after sport – Evening edition Ouest-France

Want to get back into sport? Beware of aches! Some foods, however, can prevent them and avoid having sore muscles after physical activity…. A nutritionist gives us her food tips and advice.

“Aches are micro-traumas that affect the muscle fibers”, explains Corinne Chicheportiche-Ayache, nutritionist in Paris. This happens especially when a muscle is not used to working and is activated quite suddenly. Consequence: the muscles are hard and tired. But these micro-traumas can be anticipated.

1. Sparkling water, to recover faster

To start, it is recommended to drink water, preferably half a liter to a liter within 2 hours after sports activity. “To recover more effectively, it is even advisable to drink carbonated water, rich in bicarbonate (Badoit, Vichy)”, says Corinne Chicheportiche-Ayache. Bicarbonate reduces acidity in the body. After sport, it helps to recover quickly by regulating the pH in the blood.

2. Brazil nuts, to relax the muscles

Brazil nuts. (Illustration photo: Marco Verch Professional Photographer / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

The Brazil nut is the world champion because it contains many essential nutrients for muscles after sports. Among other things, it provides “magnesium and zinc”, essential for strengthening the immune system and giving energy to the muscles. Magnesium also contributes to nerve transmission and muscle relaxation after sport

3. Seafood, to warm up the muscles

Iodine is a nutrient that is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. It is one of the main components of thyroid hormones, which contribute to the production of energy and heat on the muscles. To fill up on iodine, opt for shellfish such as shrimp and crab. You can also eat shellfish or oysters.

4. White meat and fish to strengthen muscles

“Proteins are contained in foods such as fish, white meat or egg whites,” explains nutritionist Corinne Chicheportiche-Ayache. These will strengthen the muscles by preserving them from the risk of aches. The proteins contained in fish and so-called “lean” meat such as turkey or chicken also promote the reconstruction of muscle cells.

5. Dried apricot, to recharge the batteries

Dried apricots. (Illustration photo: akyurt engine / Unsplash)

It is often considered a “super food”. Indeed, the dried apricot is rich in useful nutrients: vitamin B and C, slow sugars and minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium). It is truly the sportsman’s ally for recharging his body with energy.

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