What training to learn trading and the stock market?

Trading: why do you (really) need training?

Trading is not an “easy and quick” way to get rich, contrary to what some would have you believe. In order not to lose your money, to obtain really interesting results (which are never completely guaranteed), it is essential to understand certain fundamental mechanisms.

For instance :

– Knowing the basics of technical analysis is a must. The graphs on which it is based make it possible to study trends. As a reminder, it is a matter of speculating on market fluctuations. To “bet”, if you will, on the rises and falls of prices. To optimize your chances, reading representations (curves, lines, points, etc.) is essential.

– Becoming familiar with risk management is really part of the risks. A good training in trading teaches neophytes to keep control over their fortune. Never neglect the psychological aspect of this activity. It is really likely to influence your success.

– Benefiting from a few examples, from certain models is an asset. Human beings often learn by watching others do. Please note: this is not copying. Admittedly, copy trading exists but it is not very qualitative, that is not what we are talking about here. What we mean is that training allows you to observe expert approaches. To get an idea of ​​the fallback tactics, the means of seizing an opportunity…

We have just cited a few examples of subjects that a traditional trainer generally addresses in his program. But that should be enough for you to understand the importance of content, which will allow you to build your own approach. You will no doubt change this approach from time to time. You will adapt it to your experiences, good or bad.

Be careful, however, not to choose just any formation.

Trading training: what training should be avoided?

We will not give specific names; we are not here to give bad publicity. Rather, these are types of training that we would like to alert you to:

– Free trading training. It may be tempting to pay nothing… but in the overwhelming majority of cases this is a miscalculation. Most lessons that require no financial investment are incomplete. They address the main themes in a superficial way. And above all, they often hide dubious business. Those who put the course online enter into a series of agreements with brokers. And a series of hidden fees, sometimes very sneaky, could emerge…

– Formations that are too “flashy”. Have you just come across an advertisement where you are promised a colossal fortune in a very short time? “Assured gains”? There is surely eel under rock. In trading, absolute and guaranteed profit does not exist. If everyone was able to win every time, the sector would no longer exist! So prefer a more reasonable offer. More realistic.

– Training without any interaction. Videos are sometimes very useful for self-taught learning. But discovering financial speculation only through small presentations is often not enough. We advise you to opt for a platform offering various methods, some of which allow you to communicate with experts. So you will be able to post questions. To share your remarks, your doubts with other members of the community. In short, your initiation will be lively – ideally, the course that will follow will be too!

One of our favorites: the training of Julien Flot

We have already had the opportunity to tell you about the initiations offered by Julien Flot, in this article for example. And frankly, we can only reiterate our advice! This trading expert did not take the big head. It offers a complete and interesting curriculum, whether to assimilate the basics or refine its methods.

For those who feel a bit lost in technical analysis, there is also something to reassure themselves. The explanations are precise and educational. The community seems generally very enthusiastic! Do not hesitate to consult the opinion of Julien Flot to find out more.

What training to learn trading? Our balance sheet

One thing is certain: we cannot imagine anyone succeeding in the field of trading without first understanding the mechanics. You are not told to become an expert before making your first deposit on a platform, no. But acquiring the basic theories does not seem negotiable to us.

So choose your sources wisely. Turn to serious, paid training without necessarily choosing the most expensive ones. Put the odds on your side to adopt relevant approaches! And if it still doesn’t work, take a break… be careful not to get into debt… complete your knowledge base… but don’t give up! It is through perseverance that we really adopt trading.


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