White zones: Elon Musk wants to “save lives” with SpaceX

In today’s announcements, Elon Musk goes without frills and announces a collaboration between SpaceX and T-Mobile! The service will allow save livesadvanced the billionaire, who cites – for example – the case of lost hikers who are currently unable to call for help. The important thing is that this means that there will be no more white zones anywhere in the world for your phone

The purpose of the maneuver is to allow a connection between SpaceX satellites and T-Mobile phones to provide network in areas without coverage or the most isolated. The new service, which will use SpaceX’s thousands of Starlink satellites already in orbit and work on existing phones, will start by enabling sending and receiving SMS from the end of 2023while voice services are expected to follow.

White areas: Elon Musk wants to

Remember that this function has been the subject of some rumors about the iPhone and the emergency calls function via satellite. But maybe Tim Cook would have a little announcement to make on the subject (like on September 7th?). After all, the invitation of Far Out (The adventure goes on en VF) wants to be very inspired by the galaxy, the stars… and why not the satellites?

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