Wimbledon – Harmony Tan after his victory over Serena Williams: “I thought that winning 1 or 2 games would already be great”

For her opponent, Serena Williams, it was perhaps the last appearance of a rich career, punctuated by 23 Grand Slam titles, on a court where she won the Wimbledon final seven times. But for Harmony Tan, this great first in the London Major will remain forever etched in his memory. 115th in the world, the Frenchwoman knocked down the American after a Homeric fight, bringing a feverish public late at night.

“Not good Nadal, but should we expect better after 3 years of absence in London?”

This success, the most convincing of her career at 24, the player trained by Nathalie Tauziat had difficulty coming back from, a few moments after Williams had sent her forehand into the net for the last time: “I am overwhelmed with emotionreacted Harmony Tan on the court. She’s a superstar, when I was young I watched her so many times on TV… So for my first Wimbledon it’s just… ‘wow’!”said the right-hander in mastered English, not without a hint of French accent.


Serena: “I didn’t train for 3 hour matches…”


When I saw the draw, I was really scared (laughs). ‘Cause it’s Serena Williams, she’s a legend

Trailing 4-0 in the super tie break, broken twice in the third set after seeing her opponent go back to one set everywhere, Tan could have collapsed but she resisted, displaying unfailing mental toughness: “I’m very surprised today (laughs)”, she reacted when asked if she expected to be so solid in the head. She can now boast of being one of the three players to have knocked down Williams in the first round of a Grand Slam tournament, alongside another Frenchwoman, Virginie Razzano.

Then, she concluded by recalling her reaction at the time of the draw: “When I saw the draw, I was really scared (laughs). Because it’s Serena Williams, she’s a legend, so I wondered how I was going to be able to play, I thought that winning one or two games would be great”. She did more than that.


Tan, grandiose against the giantess



But by the way, why did Serena play with tape on her cheek?


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