With a tweet on fasting, Elon Musk revives the controversy

Elon Musk


Controversial billionaire Elon Musk has returned to the limelight through his tweets on Twitter, dedicating his page, which is followed by over one hundred million people, to sharing some daily tips.

On Sunday, the Tesla CEO tweeted: “Once in a while I’ll share a few things in case I find them useful. »

Musk spoke about the diet, saying, “On the advice of a good friend, I have been fasting periodically and I feel better. »

“Please share with me some of the things that have benefited you in your daily life and that could benefit others,” he added.

A large number of Musk’s followers interacted with the tweet, as the text garnered over 150,000 likes and over 9,000 retweets and shares.

While others confirmed that they would take his advice and try this type of diet, while others treated the matter with sarcasm.

It should be noted that Musk’s statements have always caused controversy on social networks, where he today expresses his concern about birth rates, saying that “people must have enough children to maintain civilization. ! »

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