With its magnificent terrace, this new restaurant near Toulouse puts Italy on the plate

The Italian restaurant Amafolia will open its doors on Wednesday August 24, 2022.
The Italian restaurant Amafolia will open its doors on Wednesday August 24, 2022. (©Amafolia)

“Come for the show and stay for the pizza”. Translation:come for the show and stay for the pizza. This is the slogan displayed by Amafolia on its social networks, and even on one of the walls of its entrance. From Wednesday August 24, 2022, this new restaurant opens its doors in Balma (Haute-Garonne), near Toulouse.

A ten-minute walk from the Balma Gramont metro station, this new establishment will offer its customers an Italian brasserie in a “trendy” and “festive” atmosphere. Pasta, pizza, burger, tartare… but also DJ and afterwork.

5 heads at the controls

At the design stage, there are five 100% Toulouse restaurateurs who joined forces for the first time for this project: mayeul, Adrien Lattes, Lucas Cestan, Ludovic Sonneman and Ludovic Lumbroso. Among the places that some already have in town, we find: the Racine guinguette, the Horizon barge, La Tantina de la Playa or Les Halles de la cité… A well-knit team rooted in the territory, which played on its complementarities to shape the identity of this place.

“We decided to come and settle in Balma to allow people, who no longer want to go to the city center to eat, to have a restaurant here. In the industrial zone of Balma, we found a place where there was an old supermarket and we demolished everything. So we started from scratch on this project. We wanted to draw exactly what we wanted to see as a restaurant. “

mayeulOne of the 5 restorers on the project

The discovery of this concept

When you enter, an impressive terrace opens up, with almost 220 outdoor seats. Nestled in the middle of the vegetation and pine trees, the modern and bright decoration seduces.

For next winter, the terrace will be closed and heated.

Inside, the décor follows the lineage of the exterior. Chic setting, modern furniture, luminous lamp… and background music chosen according to the clientele. “We can offer jazz, lounge, electro, explains Ludovic Sonneman, but we adapt above all to the clientele. If there are families, we are not going to put electro, for that, we will wait more than there are groups of young people. »

Here is the interior of the Amafolia restaurant which opens its doors on Wednesday August 24, 2022.
Here is the interior of the Amafolia restaurant which opens its doors on Wednesday August 24, 2022. (©Amafolia)

The interior has 180 seats.

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Place on the menu

On the menu side, Amafolia Food and Fire wants to be an Italian brasserie. The restaurant will therefore offer Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza, but also burgers or even tartars. “We offer classic dishes, but which will be homemade, confides Adrian Latte. Everything is made from fresh, quality products that we will receive in the morning”.

In terms of drinks, in addition to sodas and non-alcoholic glasses, ranges of French and Italian wines will be offered. As well as cocktails.

The map can be found right here.

The original side

And if there is one thing you will remember from your time at the restaurant, it will surely be your turn to the toilet ! Because Amafolia offers trendy toilets that should appeal to social network addicts who can take original photos!

The team has indeed imagined with a graffiti artist a pink fresco which covers the entrance to the toilet part of the restaurant. And in three toilets, 3 very different atmospheres await you: swimming pool atmosphere, plant atmosphere and atmosphere… Darth Vader!

And Amafolia does not want to stop there. Of the afterworks are also offered by the restaurant. DJs should even come and mix from time to time. “We want to bring a bit of a festive atmosphere to the place, we will stretch out the weekend evenings. But everything will be done within the limits within which it can be done. »

A restaurant to follow, especially on its Instagram page.

Amafolia Food and Fire – 74 rue Saint Jean 31 130 Balma. Open 7 days a week from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. for catering. It is advisable to book on the internet right here.

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