Wolf in the Aude: victim of a “2nd attack in two months”, the breeder of Labastide-Esparbaïrenque is thinking of throwing in the towel

Already the victim of an attack on his herd on the night of April 22 to 23, Yannick Moreno lost two animals at the end of June. While he “took every precaution” to protect his livestock, the farmer shows his disappointment.

“Next time, it will be directly in the sheepfold…” This Tuesday, June 28, Yannick Moreno no longer knows which saint to devote himself to. During the night, this breeder installed since January 2013 in Labastide-Esparbaïrenque on 126 hectares, with a herd of 700 ewes (meat and milk) and 300 lambs, again suffered a wolf attack. Just a few days, precisely two months after losing a ewe and a lamb on the night of April 22 to 23 (along with three other injured animals). The toll is again heavy: two animals killed (a goat and a sheep), and seven injured.

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If, according to the procedure in force, the responsibility of the predator must be officially established after an observation by the French office for biodiversity (OFB) and validation by the departmental directorate of territories and the sea (DDTM), Yannick Moreno n no doubt. And suffered the shock: “The attack took place at night. But not exactly in the same place as in April, a hundred meters away, under the meadow, almost on the terrace” of the domain of Prat Vieil, this gap of Labastide. A few hours after discovering the victims, nervousness competes with weariness.

I haven’t slept for two months

Nervousness, because Yannick Moreno was still waiting for the OFB agents to be able to come to make the findings: “We were told that they were in a meeting. We don’t know if they will come this afternoon, or on Wednesday. We feel alone in the world. We don’t know what to do, there is a risk of predation with foxes or other animals, which could degrade the bodies and interfere with the finding”. Lassitude, because the breeder repeats that these “two attacks in two months have occurred despite all precautions”. In April, Yannick Moreno recalled the forecast of €18,000 in figures to fence off all the meadows where his animals graze; without forgetting the patous, these protection dogs with which it is endowed. “Morally, it doesn’t make you want to work. I haven’t slept for two months, I don’t understand how you can let an animal attack farms like that.”

Also administrator of the sheep union, he ensures that the profession has taken its part: “We are multiplying the meetings. One in the Tarn not long ago, one in Cuxac-Cabardès on the 1er July. We have set up groups on WhatsApp, on Facebook, to keep informed in the event of the presence of the wolf. While waiting for compensation for his animals killed in April, Yannick Moreno also displays another feeling, after nervousness and weariness. A feeling of helplessness: “The rest is simple. We’re going to sell everything and we’re going to stop…”

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105 victims in 2021, highest total since 2014

Published on June 16, 2022 by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional prefecture, n°39 of InfoLoup, the information letter on the wolf and breeding activities delivered in particular the “Assessment of the national action plan on the wolf and the breeding activities of the last two years”. A review “encouraging” estimated Pascal Mailhos, prefect coordinator of the wolf plan and breeding activities, specifying that “last year the number of attacks fell for the first time, as did the number of victims” (10,826 victims compensated or in the process of being compensated for 11,746 in 2020). A national reading which will undoubtedly not satisfy Aude breeders: in 2021, if the number of reports of attacks is the same as in 2020 (30), the number of victims has increased from 62 to 105; an increase which follows the +30% of compensated victims observed between 2019 and 2020. We must go back to 2014, with 102 animals compensated (out of 143 victims in 29 attacks), to find a heavier balance sheet.

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