women attacked in a restaurant, the authorities under pressure

The facts date back to last June in the city of Tangshan, about 180 km east of Beijing, in Hebei province. In a restaurant, a man approaches a client, he tries to touch her, the young woman pushes him away. The man then begins to hit her very violently. The situation escalates: a group of men, who are also in the restaurant, also start hitting three other customers who were quietly seated. The violence then continued outside, in the street. The four women, injured, are finally transported to the hospital.

The scene is entirely filmed by CCTV cameras. The images are quickly found on social networks, where many Internet users react and express their anger. Violence against women is widespread in China, but this time the beatings were carried out in public, gratuitously. And that doesn’t happen.

But that’s not all: we learn that eight police officers are also detained. They are accused of having covered and protected the attackers, and not only in the restaurant. The 43-year-old man and his acolytes were at the head of a kind of local mafia which made reign its law in the city, the whole covered by the police. By reacting in this way, the authorities wanted to respond to criticism and show their action against violence against women, but also to show that the fight against corruption, particularly in the police, is a priority, in accordance with the wishes of President Xi Jinping.

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