World Dog Day: awareness actions carried out in the West

This Friday, August 26 marks World Dog Day. On this occasion, the TCO is organizing a series of actions in the five municipalities of the western territory. These are prevention and awareness actions against animal wandering.

Since yesterday, the TCO has been carrying out awareness-raising actions for the canine cause. Today, it is at the Port that the mediators have settled. A series of actions throughout the western territory on the occasion of World Dog Day, this Friday, August 26.

The report of Réunion La 1ère:

It’s World Dog Day: an opportunity to raise awareness about animal wandering as many people as possible

Those involved in the fight against animal wandering remind owners that it is important:

  • to identify his animal: it is a legal obligation
  • to watch him: a stray dog ​​can cause accidents, attack farm animals
  • to sterilize it to avoid animal overpopulation

These actions emphasize the links that unite man to his pet, but also the improvement of his living conditions. The mediators take advantage of this moment to make the masters and future masters aware of their responsibilities, abandonment and mistreatment, because many of these animals are victims of this, as many Possession residents have observed.

Everyone must keep their animals, take care of them and not abandon them“says a resident. Before adding that”Na bokou i give up!”.An animal is like a human being, you have to love it” points out another. “Many people take a dog. But before going on vacation, they throw it away. When they come back, they take another… You can do what you want, it won’t change. Dogs will always hang around” complains a man.

As a reminder, theabandonment of pets is an offense punishable by 30,000 euro fine and of two years imprisonment.

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Other actions will be carried out until August 30. Tomorrow, the mediators will be in Saint-Leu, before going to Saint-Paul on Monday, then to Trois-Bassins on Tuesday.

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