Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès was seen in a restaurant in Cannes | News

Should we really present Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, the most wanted man in France? If it doesn’t come back to you, we’re talking about the man who killed his wife and four children and then buried them under the terrace of the family home in Nantes in 2011. The causes of this massacre remained unknown since the author then disappeared. He was last filmed by a surveillance camera in Roquebrune sur Argens (in the South of France) withdrawing money from an ATM in 2011, then no news, except for a few people who think they have come across it in the last ten years.

A story without end

The most recent “meeting” took place in July 2022 in San Francisco, but we also remember the Glasgow fiasco, where a man named Guy Joao was mistaken for Dupont de Ligonnès. A former neighbor believed to cross the former father of the family a few weeks ago in the streets of San Francisco. She said she arrested him, before the man opened his eyes wide and fled. A month later this episode, it is a man from Cannes who is taken for the killer. It is obvious that the French cannot accept not knowing the end of the story, it is somewhat logical when we know that the fugitive’s sister, mother, and childhood friends are convinced that ‘he is still alive. One thing is certain, it is that research is still ongoing in the Var.

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