Yes, Tom Cruise is going to be the first actor in the world to shoot a movie in space and Elon Musk is going to help him

The Tom Cruise madness has no limit. After, among other things, the global success of Top Gun: Maverick, which allowed Tom Cruise to exceed the billion mark at the box office for the first time in his career, and the recent video showing him clinging to the wing of a plane in mid-flight, the 60-year-old man years old should become the first actor to shoot a movie in space. In any case, this was announced by the president of Universal studios, Donna Langley, during an interview with the BBC.

A first for an actor

“We have an amazing project currently in development with Tom that aims to accomplish just that: board a rocket to the International Space Station, shoot there, and hopefully be the first civilians to walk outside. the station,” Donna Langley said during the interview. This project should therefore take place partly in the ISS although the majority of the filming takes place on the mainland. The project in question? Luna Park, directed by Doug Liman and postponed several times since 2020 because of the pandemic. Although it does not yet have a filming date, let alone a release date, the film should feature Tom Cruise trying to save the Earth.

It is SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, which will take the film crew into space with the support of NASA. The latter hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers thanks to the real images that will be born from this filming.


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