Zidane in Paris, a stroke of pressure intended to recover the France team?

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For several days, a flood of contradictory information has been coming to us on the Zinedine Zidane file at PSG. If we do not doubt the forcing of Doha to attract the former coach of Real Madrid, the game of the Marseille legend still seems quite difficult to decipher. For many, “Zizou” will not betray OM but the money that Qatar is ready to put on the table still raises doubts.

Is Zinédine Zidane playing a double game for the Blues?

For several journalists who follow PSG, Zinédine Zidane voluntarily leaves doubt … In order to better serve his plans for the France team. This is in particular the opinion of Dominique Séverac (Le Parisien) who spoke on the program “We redo the match” on RTL: “Everything is wrong, there is no acceleration in the Zidane file . On the other hand, there is the will of the Zidane clan to let the FFF know something. The idea is to say that he refused PSG to have the France team.

For Grégory Schneider (Liberation), who confided in Europe 1, Séverac is not far from the truth: “Zidane has a problem, it is that he has no visibility on the position in the France team. and he would like to have a phone call to say ‘it’s you’. So that is a real problem! What happened there could push the federation to act (…) and knowing him I saw him trigger things that had that taste”. From there to playing with PSG fans and the unconditional love that OM supporters have for him?

Zidane, a plan for the Blues?

What if Zinédine Zidane voluntarily let the rumor of his arrival at PSG spread to better prepare the ground for the French team after the World Cup in Qatar? The plan seems far-fetched but it has a few followers…

Alexandre Corboz

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